Hebei Chenggan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang City, the capital of Hebei Province. It is a whole-process service provider of environmental engineering solutions integrating scientific research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, commissioning and operation.

The company's business focuses on urban sewage treatment, rural domestic sewage treatment, industrial waste water and gas treatment and other environmental protection sectors, with municipal engineering project design, construction, investment, operation and other modes, to provide customers with a full range of environmental protection professional solutions; To provide professional wastewater and waste gas treatment services for metallurgical power, petrochemical, coal chemical, food and medicine and other industries.

The company adheres to the spirit of "integrity, excellence, forge ahead", adhering to the values of "service is sincere, quality is the first, reputation is the first, management is the first", and will try our best to provide customers with quality products and good service, to achieve the goal of "create quality for customers, create value for the society, create career for employees, create brilliance for the enterprise".

Development orientation: regional ecological environment comprehensive treatment service environmental engineering program provider

Project types: Sewage treatment engineering and water environment treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse, intelligent environmental protection water, river water treatment, pit treatment, black and smelly water, air pollution prevention and control, environmental protection technology research and development, sludge treatment and disposal, consulting services

Business scope: Investment, design, engineering construction, operation management, whole process consulting.

Business Philosophy


  • Vision

    Be Present  Continuous innovation
    Focus on the Future  Become a benchmark enterprise in the field of environmental protection

  • Values

    Honesty in Service  Quality First
    Credibility is important  Management based

  • View of talent

    The force and volume are different
    Wren is focused on performance

  • Bossmanship

    Path of integrity  Strive for perfection  Be innovative
    Forge ahead  Strive for self-improvement  Harmony leads far

  • Enterprise Slogan

    Pragmatic and efficient  Work together
    Honest service  Mutual benefit and win-win