How we can help;

Emotional Support:


  •  Opportunity to vent

  •  Validate emotions and reactions

  •  Reassuring the victim that he / she is not alone

  •  Help cope with the impact of a  traumatic event

  •  Identify options and choices

  •  Help victim talk to their family  members  if the victim chooses to

  •  Advocate on behalf of victims


Practical assistance:


         Offer Safety planning whether  victim chooses to remain in or  leave situation


  •  to a friend or  family member 

  •  home

  •  shelter

  •  hospital

  •  emergency housing

  •  police station


         Accompaniment to:      

  •  police services

  •  hospital     

  •  social services

  •  court house

  •  lawyer       


         Provide some clothing, food and personal hygiene products

         Provide on-site or telephone assistance

         Change door locks


Information & Referral: 

          Provide information and referrals to  appropriate resources and services

         Ensure victims receive and continue to receive support and assistance