If you are looking to be part of a team of caring individuals who like to help in a moment of crisis, please consider applying as a front line crisis support volunteer.

Volunteer Position Requirements:

* Mature, responsible

* At least 18 years of age

* Good communication skills

* Ability to deal effectively with crisis situations

* Minimum of one year commitment, at least two 12 hours shifts/month

* Personal suitability to provide sensitive, emotionally safe, and effective services to victims on behalf of Victim Services

* Willing to submit personal references, Police Record Check, attend entrance interview with Victim Services staff and delegates

* Willing to complete minimum standard training (36hrs) and attend ongoing meetings/training development

* Own transportation an asset

Position Summary:

After successful completion of the volunteer training and orientation, the volunteers always work in pairs as part of a crisis team. The volunteers respond immediately to a request from police, other emergency services or agencies to provide immediate short term emotional support and practical assistance to victims of crime, tragic circumstance or disaster. The volunteer will ensure that appropriate options and/or referrals for longer term assistance are provided to the victim.

As a volunteer, you will help to:

* Lessen the trauma of being victimized by providing non-judgmental support

* Help restore a sense of control and lessen feelings of helplessness

* Provide listening ear, practical help and emotional support with dignity

* Encourage victim to access appropriate community resources

* Allow Police/Emergency Staff attend another crisis sooner

Volunteer Application